A vscode junkie's guide to dbt and python

August 26, 2021
directives, data, dbt, vscode, python, analytics

Step 1: get pyenv-win # LINK: https://github.com/pyenv-win/pyenv-win#get-pyenv-win My preferred appraoch: choco install pyenv-win Ensure you can run: pyenv --version Step 2: install preferred versions of python # https://github.com/pyenv-win/pyenv-win#usage pyenv install 3.6.8 3.8.10 etc. If it’s miniconda, you’ll have to do a bit more work on the windows version: https://github.com/pyenv-win/pyenv-win/issues/25 Download the latest miniconda Do the user installation (don’t set any variables to PATH) Installation directory should be: C:/Users/MYUSERNAME/. ...

Availability Metrics & Service Monitoring Approaches for dbtCloud

August 2, 2021
dbt, analytics, metrics, accountability

Logging & Service Monitoring Approaches for dbtCloud # Alternatively considered the title “How to train your dbt” I Care A Lot As a data professional and as a person who “cares a lot” (but authentically, not like the character of the above movie), I’ve been able to see the way that a small number of companies & data teams are interacting with dbt and specifically the dbtCloud platform. ...